Shepherd Arthur Pearce - A scientist of the invisible An introduction to the life and work of Rudolf Steiner

Author : Shepherd Arthur Pearce
Title : A scientist of the invisible An introduction to the life and work of Rudolf Steiner
Year : 1954

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Preface. My first contact with Rudolf Steiner and his teaching was casual. I do not think it was accidental. A book which I had written on the problem of Time had just been published (1941) and I was discussing its content with a group of men. In the course of the discussion one of them said, "Your idea, that the whole of our earthly life is recovered after death as a unity and as an actual experience, is the same as Rudolf Steiner's." "Who," I asked, "is Rudolf Steiner?" It was not long before I found out and began to study his teaching, and was amazed to discover that what I had presented as a hypothesis, arising out of the study of a problem, was known to him in direct spirit-perception and carried to far higher levels of understanding than mere hypothesis could ever attain. The link made me a convinced student of Anthroposophy. I could not understand, however, how with a University education and a fairly wide range of reading, I had never heard of this remarkable man nor his work. Some two years later, I was discussing my book with the late Archbishop William Temple, who had been kind enough to write a foreword to it. I spoke of its confirmation in the teaching of Steiner. He was exceedingly interested and said to me, "You know, I have often been told that I ought to read Steiner. I must really begin." A year later I met him again and he said, "I am really going to start on Steiner." Shortly afterwards came the tragedy of his sudden death. ...

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