Smith Gerald Lyman Kenneth - Besieged patriot

Author : Smith Gerald Lyman Kenneth
Title : Besieged patriot Autobiographical episodes exposing Communism, Traitorism and Zionism from the life of Gerald L. K. Smith
Year : 1978

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I have been associated with Gerald L. K. Smith for years. Having lost my father early in life, he became as a father to me. Early in my association with him I became convinced of his complete dedication, his absolute integrity, and his uncompromising devotion to the ideals to which he had given his life. For years I have implored Mr. Smith to give us at least a thumbnail summary of his dramatic life. Perhaps no living American, and few Americans now living, have passed through a more dangerous and interesting drama involving his life, his liberty and his public reputation than did Mr. Smith. He endured riots, threats to his life, the risk of imprisonment, character assassination, and every other weapon which can be used by a satanic enemy in his attempt to destroy a good man, by the grace of God he survived. His influence not only increased every year that I was with him, but it promises to expand geometrically. The truth of his life becomes increasingly known not only to the people who are now alive, but to generations yet unborn. It was the spiritual, intellectual and patriotic material on which the Founding Fathers drew in the building of this Constitutional Republic. It was the quality of sacrifice which characterized the early Christians and the Christian pioneers which blazed the trail through the jungles of paganism and barbarism in such a way as to translate a handful of persecuted belivers in an Upper Room into a civilization that has now become the most important factor in human life. Billions of people have embraced the personality of Jesus Christ, because there has always been men and women in every century willing to stand alone for high principle. This was the formula by which Gerald L. K. Smith lived. He has been observed and commented on by the most renowned and important journalists and public figures in America. He commanded even the respect of his enemies in that they recognized in him one of the most dangerous contemporaries to Communism, treason, antichrist Zionism and other negative forces which have been mobilized to destroy our Christian civilization. Below I cite examples of this comment: Lowell Thomas, the world renowned commentator, said: "Gerald L. K. Smith is the most eloquent and courageous orator in America." H. L. Mencken, the dean of literary critics and author of "The American Language," the most respected reference work in the libraries of the universities and one of the most exciting commentators of the century, said: "As an orator, Gerald is the greatest of them all-not the greatest by an inch or a foot or a yard or a mile, but the greatest by a least two light years. He begins where the next best leaves off. He is the master of masters, the champion of all epochs, ancient or modern, the Aristotle and Johann Sebastian Bach of all known orators, dead or alive." Federal Judge Weatherford of Los Angeles, during a libel suit brought against Mr. Smith which was eventually decided in his favor, said: "Mr. Smith is perhaps the greatest living master of the American language." Mark Sullivan, one of the outstanding feature writers for the New York Herald Tribune, said: "All the orators of this generation combined will not make one Gerald Smith." (This statement was made in a feature article which appeared following Mr. Smith's address to the Washington, D. C., Press Club.) Pravda, the news agency of the Soviet Union, said: "Gerald L. K. Smith is one of the five influences in America that is the most dangerous to the Soviet Union." Westbrook Pegler, for years the most highly paid newspaper columnist in America, said: "My biggest mistake was not joining hands with Gerald L. K. Smith twenty years earlier than I did." The Jewish Voice: "We have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to destroy Gerald L. K. Smith, but even so he rises now stronger than ever." A student of world affairs, who prefers not to be named, said: "Gerald L. K. Smith has furnished the 'mother's milk' for nearly 2,000 right wing patriotic organizations." The late Henry Ford : "I wish Gerald L. K. Smith could be President of the United States." Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh: "He was my choice for United States Senator from Michigan." He was a heavy donator to Mr. Smith's Senate Campaign. During the summer of 1972, from May until November, an oil painting of Mr. Smith was hung in the Smithsonian Institute. An Associate Curator said: "Mr. Smith's picture created much interest and excitement." The Cross and The Flag, the official organ of the Christian Nationalist Crusade, of which Mr. Smith was the Publisher, is referred to by many discriminating critics as the most fearless and consistent periodical of its kind in the world. ...

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