Smith Orlando Jay - Eternalism A theory of infinite justice

Author : Smith Orlando Jay
Title : Eternalism A theory of infinite justice
Year : 1902

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It is usually assumed that the individual is created at his birth by a Divine Power, or by the processes of Nature. And we cannot deny that some individuals are born good and others bad, and it seems to be impossible to reconcile with Infinite Justice the theory that one individual is created - " compelled to be " - with a noble character, and another individual with a vicious character. Other questions must be answered. If God or Nature has created a criminal, can we acquit the Creator of all accountability for the criminal? Has not the soul which is created vicious been deeply wronged ? How can men be held to equal moral accountability if they have not been endowed in the beginning with equal goodness, equal strength, equal intelligence ? Are those who are born vicious really the victims of the malice of Nature or of the wrath of God ? ...

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