Sons of Liberty - Why are the jews hated

Author : Sons of Liberty
Title : Why are the jews hated Hatred of the jews explained
Year : 1976

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Why are the Jews so universally hated? Let the Jews themselves speak first. Bernard Lazare, the Jewish author, in his book L'Antisemitisime, said:- "This race has been an object of hatred to al the peoples among whom it has established itself ... Why was the Jew in turn equally maltreated and hated by the Alexandrinians and the Romans, by the Persians and the Arabs, by the Turks and by the Christian nations?" 2. Another Jewish author, Kadmi Cohen, in his book Nomades said:- "To live for two thousand years in a state of permanent rebellion agaist all the surrounding populations, to insult their customs, their language, and their religions, is a monstrosity ... when it is so easy to avoid contempt, hatred and the opprobruim of twenty centuries; it is ... madness." 3. Our next authority, Oscar Levy, also a Jew, wrote a long letter to G. Pitt-Rivers, the author of a book The World Significance of the Russian Revolution. This letter was quoted in the Preface to that book. We take the following extracts:- "Your anti-Semitism is only too well grounded. ... We have erred, my friend, we have most grievously erred. We who have promised to lead you to a new Heaven have at this world and shudder at its ghastliness." Oscar Levy crowned his statements by saying:- "We are the world's seducers, destroyers, incendiaries and executioners." 4. Our next authority is another Jew, Zangwill, the eminent author. If we are to believe him racial brothers are very unlovable people:- "Pious fanatical zealots, throttled by Talmud coil. Impious, lecherous sceptics, cynical stalkers of spoil, Wedded `neath Hebrew awning, buried `neath Hebrew sod, Between not a dream of duty, never a glimpse of God. Blarneying, shivering, crawling, taking all colours and none, Lying a fox in the covert, leaping an ape in the sun." 5. We have now quoted four Jewish authorites. One of them, Bernard Lazare, said that the Romans hated the Jews. Let us therefore quote the Romans. ...

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