Spirit Reality Scripture for the new day

Author : Collective works
Title : Spirit Reality Scripture for the new day
Year : 2011

Link download : Spirit_Reality_Scripture_for_the_new_day.zip

Megalithomania 2011 presentation titled : Vanishing gold civilisation of Southern Africa Introduction By Hugh Newman After thirty years of a long obsession with the origins of human kind and the genetic anomalies of the human species Michael Tellinger wrote Slave Species of God, with Johan Heine they found startling scientific discoveries and wrote Adams Calendar and Temples of African Gods. This fascinating story of the origins of humankind, gives us a fascinating impression of our place on our planet and indeed our universe. Combining scientific reason with simple deductive reasoning and a Megalithomaniacs mind Michael comes up with a new vision of the history of the past of ancient Africa. Last weekend he carried out extensive research with a team from San Diego and this weekend will be the first presentation of these findings. Please give a huge Megalithomaniacs welcome to the one and only Michael Tellinger. I am going to start completely differently today with a statement I normally throw around the dinner table, that is, 'Don't believe a word I say. I want you to take this in absorb it and come to your own conclusions.' I am going to present to you a bunch of facts and some interesting discoveries, some facts and some theories and conclusions but these are my theories and conclusions based on facts and evaluations and it does not mean everyone agrees. But after statistical evaluations and probabilities, I tend to sway towards my conclusions rather than any other. I hope you take something away with this that makes you think. The history of our planet is not as it seems. This is a very important and crucial little bit of information that we need to sink into our subconscious. We come out of school and for those who are privileged enough to come out of university, it is often associated with ego. The higher education the more probable it is to have the wool pulled over your eyes and I am one of those perfect examples. I have taken a long time to figure this out. Things are not as they seem. There has been a lot of stuff happening on this planet that makes no sense. And when you start researching origins of human kind and asking those questions, Who are we, Where do we come from, Why are we here? I bet many people have asked those questions? And here we are, still not sure: Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? What I call the great human puzzle. There are some very special revelations the African continent is giving us right now in this very special time of human history approaching 2012 and other interesting time periods. It is very important to take these things into consideration. These things do not happen by coincidence. When you go back and start searching in history and looking at the anomalies that don't make any sense you realise you can't stick to geology or history or archaeology you got to just open your mind and research everything that crosses your desk. If you don't you will miss pieces of the puzzle. And a lot of the very important pieces of the puzzle came from ancient indigenous knowledge. You will see that this ties beautifully into some very modern advanced discoveries. ...

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