Steiner Rudolf - The foundations of human experience

Author : Steiner Rudolf
Title : The foundations of human experience
Year : 1919

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Foreword. Henry Barnes A long and terrible war had just ended, a war that caused untold suffering and was to set the stage for the twentieth century. During those years, Rudolf Steiner, restricted in his outer movements, was able to conclude three decades of intense inward, spiritual-scientific research into the nature of the human being. In 1917, around the time that the German High Command secretly sent Lenin into Russia, and Woodrow Wilson led the United States into war, it finally became clear to Rudolf Steiner how the human soul and spirit are engaged in the human physical organism. That the brain and nervous system are the instrument of consciousness had long become evident to naturalscientific research, as well as to those who sought to understand the human being from the aspect of soul; but the question of how human feeling and human volition were grounded organically was, at best, a matter of speculation. There were schools of thought that attributed feeling to a subtle sympathetic vibration of the nervous system, and it was assumed that the will was merely a function of the motor nerves, controlled and stimulated from corresponding centers in the brain. But, even if an objective existence to the soul were admitted, the possibility that either feeling or will might be independent functions of the soul and have direct access to the organism as their bodily instrument was not even given theoretical consideration. ...

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