Steiner Rudolf - Waldorf education and anthroposophy 1

Author : Steiner Rudolf
Title : Waldorf education and anthroposophy 1
Year : 1921-1922

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Introduction. This book contains a collection of public lectures given in 1921–1922 by Rudolf Steiner on educational and social questions. It is presented here for the first time in English and contains a number of surprising jewels not found anywhere else. The year 1921 proved to be a most eventful time in the life of the anthroposophical movement. The First World War had ended and conditions were stabilizing, though in middle Europe many social problems still remained. Rudolf Steiner had spent most of the war years in Dornach, Switzerland, and although he had given a number of lectures in Switzerland and Germany, it had not been possible for him to visit other countries. One of his first extensive journeys abroad took him to the Netherlands for a two-and-a-half-week lecture tour. In addition to lectures to members, he gave a number of presentations to a wider public. The first of these lectures, given in the Hague, deals directly with the Guardian of the Threshold, the spiritual being who separates our ordinary consciousness from our spiritual consciousness. Without any introduction, Rudolf Steiner embarks upon basic questions regarding the materialistic age we live in and the dawning of a new, supersensible consciousness. His remarks are full of telling examples and analogies. ...

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