Stewart Robert John - Earth light

Author : Stewart Robert John
Title : Earth light The Ancient path to transformation Rediscovering the wisdom of Celtic and faery lore
Year : 1992

Link download :

Preface to 1998 edition. Earthlight is the second book in my UnderWorld series, and I am very pleased to introduce this 1998 reprint by Mercury Publishing. First published in Britain in 1992, Earthlight and its companion volume Power Within the Land were written to expand and develop ideas first explored in The UnderWorld Initiation (now also published by Mercury). Earthlight offers ways of working with the ancient Faery tradition, as a means of vision, of altered consciousness, and of deep inner transformation. Although much of the background material is Northern European and often Celtic, the methods described in this book can be, and have been, successfully used in the USA and Canada, in South America, the Caribbean, and in Australia and New Zealand. The faery tradition comes out of the land, so its basic methods can be used in any land. But different lands have different inhabitants, human, animal, and faery, so the faery and inner contacts will vary according to region, climate, and historical conditions. Since 1992 I have had the privilege of holding many faery and UnderWorld workshops and events in Europe and America, and there is now an active network of people working with this material. You can find out more by accessing our Web site: Most of all I invite you try the exercises and techniques in this book, and in the companion books, for yourself. We cannot resolve our environmental crises until we change ourselves .. .if a steadily growing number of individuals come into a more conscious relationship with the lands, with the Planet , we stand a chance of collective rebalancing, and moving on into a healthier future. The old ancestral faery and underworld traditions contain remarkable opportunities for personal transfonnation and enhanced awareness, so it is my pleasure to offer these experiences, thoughts, and inner teachings to you, the reader, in this new edition. R J Stewart. Inverness, California, 1998. ...

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