Stinson Mark Ludwig - Heathen families

Author : Stinson Mark Ludwig
Title : Heathen families Nine modern fables for heathen children and a collection of essays regarding heathen families
Year : 2011

Link download :

Introduction. Asatru, or Heathenry, is based on the pre-Christian religion and way-of-life of our Northern European Ancestors. During the Christian conversion of Northern Europe, the ways of our People were replaced by the Christian religion, which originated in the Middle East, and was pushed northward by Rome. Modern Heathens honor the Gods that our ancestors honored, and we honor them in the ways that they did. We also honor our ancestors and the spirits of the land. Heathenry is very family-oriented, and encourages us to live responsible lives of honor. Nothing is more important than our families and the children we bring into this world. We must constantly work as modern heathen parents to educate our children and pass on to them our Folkway, in all its richness and strength. The modern society and culture within which we live exerts great pressures and influence upon our children, that are often contrary to the world-view and beliefs we seek to teach them. The modern heathen fables in this booklet are just one piece of a much larger puzzle of finding better ways to share our way-of-life with our children. As you read each fable to your children, discuss the lesson of the fable with them, ask them questions, share your own experiences regarding each lesson, and ask them to share theirs... The essays included in this book are all of the essays that I've written to-date on the topic of heathen children and families. Some of these essays were previously published in my book “Heathen Gods,” and the remaining essays will be published in the upcoming “Heathen Tribes.” With these essays, I am sharing my point-of-view and opinions, and to some degree the approach that Jotun's Bane Kindred takes on these issues. If these essays prompt you to think about some of issues and come to your own conclusions, then they have done their job. Love your children, gift your Gods, honor your Ancestors, and respect the Vaettir of the land. Hail our Folk! Mark Ludwig Stinson August 2011. ...

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