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Author : Sub Rosa Where science and magic, myth and history meet
Title : 04
Year : 2006

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Welcome to the first issue of Sub Rosa for 2006. Somehow the team has put together yet another content-packed issue, in between ‘real’ jobs, new additions to families, and the usual Christmas madness. We’ve had regular comments to the effect that every issue is better than the last, which is really gratifying (although a little daunting to keep up with expectation!). This issue we seem to have developed a theme about contact with ‘non-human intelligences’. We’ve got got an exclusive interview with one of the best scientists investigating fringe topics, Dr Jacques Vallee. We profile cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, and also have an article from Colm Kelleher and George Knapp on the infamous ‘Skinwalker Ranch’ in Utah. On top of all that, we also have an insightful piece from Margaret Starbird on Mary Magdalene – Margaret’s work has reached a new audience lately after her books were endorsed in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. A growing number of advertisers have been contacting us, and so you’ll notice a fair amount of ads in this issue. We try to restrict our placements to topical and well-presented ads, in order to keep the magazine as high quality as possible. We appreciate greatly the support of these advertisers, as the small amount of income we earn from them is what allows us to keep releasing issues. So please, support them in return if you find their ad interesting! As mentioned in the last issue, we also now accept donations to help support the magazine. And if you’re not in a financial position to offer a donation, why not help out in some other way – for example, passing on the web link to your friends or online communities, or even printing out a few flyers and distributing them? We are very serious about getting Sub Rosa into print, and have been exploring our options over the past few months. Currently, we have over 500 people who have indicated they would subscribe to a print version, which is absolutely brilliant. However, we will need to triple that number in order to launch the magazine and know that it will be financially viable. So please, let us know if you would subscribe. ...

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