Sunic Tomislav - The paradoxes of anti-semitism

Author : Sunic Tomislav
Title : The paradoxes of anti-semitism
Year : *

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Jews happen to enjoy a privileged place in the Western world, with their entire past portrayed as a story of suffering at the hands of their non-Jewish enemy. There are tons of well documented books on the psychology of Judaism, which also examine the genesis of the concept of anti-Semitism and its multiple verbal distortions in daily political discourse. The word ―anti-Semitism, unlike words ―anticommunism, or ―antifascism, does not reflect political beliefs or critical views of the Jews. This term is exclusively used as a lexical label to depict a person’s grave mental illness. As a perceived medical or judicial illness, anti-Semitism must never be debated; an anti-Semitic patient must not be a partner in scholarly duels; his sick views must not be the subject of academic inquiry and counter-inquiry. As an element of medical pathology, anti-Semitism must only by treated by doctors, preferably by Jewish psychoanalysts, or legally, by a prosecutor in court. ...

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