Swann Ingo - Penetration

Author : Swann Ingo
Title : Penetration The question of extraterrestrial and human telepathy
Year : 1998

Link download : Swann_Ingo_-_Penetration.zip

Preface. This small book is divided into three parts. And it is with regard to the first part that I join a very long list of those who have seen and experienced things they cannot prove happened. The second part is on much firmer ground. It is largely a brief synopsis of spectacular data and facts about the Moon that have achieved exposure elsewhere, and which provide evidence that the Moon is a very interesting place, indeed. I have selected only small portions from all of the unusual lunar information available, but have provided sources in the bibliography fer those interested in more copious details. The third part begins with a presentation of certain social phenomena regarding the problems of telepathy that can be factually identified. These, however, set the background for the strange and surprising scenario they lead into, although the scenario is admittedly speculative in nature. Some have advised me not to publish this book - on the grounds that it challenges those echelons of conventional redibility that lasciviously get off on deconstructing those unfortunates who experience what they can't prove. I have been mindful of this opportunistic factor for several decades. But my age is advancing and I have become interested in recordL'lg and wrapping up my active research into Psi phenomena in order to pursue less stressful vistas. As I have discussed in other writings, I've always been interested in Psi phenomena, and beginning in 1970 it chanced that opportunities to extend that interest in depth were made available. Anyone with more than a mere superficial interest in Psi phenomena must of course encounter the rather smelly morass of social resistance wt.ereby the authenticity of those phenomena are methodically deconstructed, thus suspending them in doubt. This social resistance, even if smelly, has largely been successful in destroying all concerted approaches to Psi phenomena. This success is specifically active within high strata of societal power, and which strata are otherwise entirely disinterested in what lesser mortals DO experience along these lines. Why it is that governing societal factors need to deconstruct the provable er.istence of at least some vital !?si phenomena is therefore something that needs to be examined and understood. ...

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