Swift Wesley A. - Michael, prince of space

Author : Swift Wesley A.
Title : Michael, prince of space
Year : *

Link download : Swift_Wesley_A_-_Michael_prince_of_space.zip

We are in the midst of an age that considers itself rather sophisticated. It's advanced so far into the areas in which its technology has guided it that sometimes we are prone to evaluate the Universe we see only as it relates to the material substances we have been able to measure and to mold. There are a great number of people that evaluate all the accomplishes of life by how much of the material things men have been able to gather for themselves personally or for their families and there are men working night and day just for the sheer purpose of seeing how much they can accumulate to pass down throughout the generations to come. From the same standpoint, they may at times recognize spiritual values. There are times when these spiritual values have not been as distinct to their thinking as the substances which they have handled with a particular affinity to the development of resources in the world they live in. we are living in such a highly technical society today that every range and every branch of Science has within it a whole field of operation requiring a virtual college education for that individual field. We do not today hesitate to say that there is more knowledge being used in the world and there are more things that have been known by the people who have discovered and who have created the genius of modern technology that have ever been known before. There is a greater field for discovery because we know more things to look for than ever before and there are more horizons today before every young person and more horizons before every industry that ever challenged industry in the past or youth as they emerge from college to look into the future. We are not living in a kind of a period or the situations of time in which everything as been explored, everything has been discovered and there is nothing left. We are on the threshold of space and we are in a process of a commencement of a new age whose Science and technology are more distinct and certainly are further in range than anything which we have previously viewed and even so, we look out over the planet and we can well say that people are occupying more of it, but the fact is that still one-third of all the land surface of the earth is still unexplored, undeveloped and still in the area of raw materials. ...

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