Tansill Charles - America goes to war

Author : Tansill Charles Callan
Title : America goes to war
Year : 1938

Link download : Tansill_Charles_-_America_goes_to_war.zip

Preface. This volume is the result of a decade of research into the reasons why America went to war in 1917. In Germany, through the courtesy of that distinguished scholar Admiral Arno Spindler, I was given access to pertinent materials in the Marine Archives, and Dr. Frie - drich Stieve showed me similar courtesy with reference to certain documents in the Foreign Office. In the United States I have ex - amined the private papers of most of the officials who were in any way responsible for American foreign policy during the years 1914 to 1917, together with the manuscript correspondence of a host of other Americans who took an active interest in the problems of American neutrality. I have no thesis to prove nor any viewpoint to exploit. My main endeavor has been always to treat in an objective manner the most important questions in foreign policy with which the Wilson Ad - ministration was faced during the prewar years. These questions have long been the subject of sharp controversy between historians who have ranged themselves into two camps. I have no desire to be identified with either group: crusading zeal is hardly the proper spirit for an impartial historian. It is obvious, however, that these his- torians have made available a large amount of valuable data which will always be of distinct assistance to students of the Wilson era. ...

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