Teichrib Carl - The power puzzle

Author : Teichrib Carl
Title : The power puzzle A compilation of documents and resources on Global Governance
Year : 2004

Link download : Teichrib_Carl_-_The_power_puzzle.zip

Introduction. “the creation of a world currency… the establishment of an international army… the development of an enforceable world government…” For the average person, this type of talk resembles nothing more than “conspiracy theories.” However, this “type of talk” isn’t coming from conspiracy buffs, it’s coming from the pages of hard to find federal, state, and provincial government documents; from some of the most influential pro-world government lobby organizations, from the highest positions within the Vatican, from the International Monetary Fund, and from the United Nations itself. Gathered together in this conveniently bound volume is the find of a lifetime: a compilation of some of the most controversial and significant pro-world government documents, texts, briefings, and working papers – all retyped for clarity. Thirty-eight individual items, accessed from both open and closed sources – both electronic and print – detail an “evidence” trail from 1914 until today. ...

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