Tenney Jack B. - Zion's Trojan horse

Author : Tenney Jack B.
Title : Zion's Trojan horse A Tenney report on world zionism
Year : 1953

Link download : Tenney_Jack_B_-_Zion_s_Trojan_horse.zip

Introduction. By CoL. JOHN BEATY, author of The Iron Curtain Over America. To be of major significance, a book on the current world scene must meet three requirements : It must be the work of a person who has been in an exceptional position for breaking through censorship and learning the truth; it must be full and complete and written fearlessly, with no effort to hide or gloss over the evil deeds of any faction or minority; and it must be written by one who is skilled in the writer's art. ZION'S TROJAN HORSE, by Jack Tenney, possesses the triple qualification. Ten years of arduous work in the California Senate as Chairman of the Committee on Un-American Activities has given Senator Tenney a great body of information on vital facts to which newspaper columnists and other political writers, and even academic historians, have no means of access. The reason is obvious. In his strategic position, Senator Tenney not only had opportunities denied to others for uncovering secret data; he even had the power to force the disclosure of much information which would under no circumstances have become known to a writer who was not in a similar position of government authority. ...

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