The Barnes Review - Volume 20 Number 1

Author : The Barnes Review
Title : Volume 20 Number 1
Year : 2014

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Table of contents. GERMANY’S FORGOTTEN ‘DUNKIRK’ BY PHILIP RIFE. 4Did you know that Germany had its ownWWII “Dunkirk,” and that the loss of life brought about by the sinking of defenseless German passenger liners trying to rescue millions of refugees was 15 times the number lost on the Titanic? HITLER’S RESPONSE TO ‘JUDEA’S WAR’ TRANSLATED BY THERESA WETTSTEIN. 9Here’s a newEnglish translation of AdolfHitler’s response to the global economic boycott of Germany ordered by international Jewry. An important piece of history, it lays out the Fuehrer’s plan to counter attempts to destroy the Reich. AIR TERRORISM IN WORLD WAR II BY JOAQUIN BOCHACA. 14The purposeful targeting of civilians in wartime is the most tragic of crimes. But one nation in particular relished the concept inWWII. THE SECRET CHURCHILL-STALIN PACT BY PETER STRAHL. 24Even before he was prime minister, Winston Churchill concocted a plan with Josef Stalin to allow the USSR to invade and occupy Finland if the Soviet leader would permit France and England to seize the rest of Scandinavia. Churchill even had plans to intern the Swedish and Norwegianmilitary. REVELATIONS ABOUT ROSENBERG’S DIARY BY RONALD L. RAY. 29Recently much ado has been made of the discovery of the diaries of Alfred Rosenberg, the man called Hitler’s chief racial theorist. Mainstream historians hoped there would be some “true confessions” by Rosenberg but thus far nothing. Was the threat to release the diaries a blackmail tool? RUDOLF HESS IN THE NEWS AGAIN BY MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER & RONALD L. RAY. 32Here are two short articles that bring us up to date on the case of Rudolf Hess and his 1941 crash-landing in Scotland. We’re pleased to tell you that all ofwhat TBR has been saying for 20 years has been confirmed by recent discoveries regarding the mission of Hitler’s right-hand man. ...

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