The Barnes Review - Volume 25 Number 5

Author : The Barnes Review
Title : Volume 25 Number 5
Year : 2019

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Werwölfe of the Reich. The German Underground. Resistance Movement. A Special Message from the Publisher on this 25th Anniversary Edition of TBR Dear BARNES REVIEW subscriber: More than 25 years ago, THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) published its first issue. It was a blockbuster, and many readers became addicted to our no-nonsense approach to history. It was a simple formula: Real history without the political correctness. Since then, we have published 169 more issues, each one groundbreaking in its own right. In 2001 we published our first theme issue. Entitled “The All-Holocaust Issue,” it drew rave reviews from fans and condemnation from critics for its discussion of the most taboo subject of the 20th (and now the 21st) century. In 2017, we published our first book-bound issue-the 112-page “Defending Dixie” issue-in response to the ongoing attacks on Southern culture and, by extension, white history in general. In 2018 we published another huge issue -the 132-page “Holocausts” issue- in which we compiled as much information as we could fit discussing “the other holocausts.” Both of those issues have sold in the tens of thousands, with subscribers buying multiple copies to give to friends, family members and educators, despite the politically in-correct but historically accurate nature of their contents. Today, we present you with a 140- page issue-“Werwölfe of the Reich.” In this special World War II theme issue, our lengthy two-part lead story discusses the German Werwolf underground resistance movement during and after WWII, a topic we have never covered before. But you’ll also find illustrated articles on everything from Adolf Hitler’s views on Christianity to the real reasons so many Soviet prisoners died under German care during the war. There’s even more, but, all told, this issue represents an accurate and authentic-though brief-picture of Germany during and after the second world war. ...

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