The Fascist - 065

Author : The Fascist
Title : 033
Year : 1934

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"ANTI-SEMITISM" Soon it will be a Crime. THE term "anti-semitism" is of course a misnomer, since "Semite" is a general term embracing Arabs and other peoples as well as Sephardic Jewry, but, since it is loosely regarded as synonymous with "anti-Jew" it may stand for the purpose of this article. The need for a definition is becoming urgent in view of a decision in Holland that it is an offence against the law to make public statements or possess literature in which "anti-Semitic" sentiments are included: it can easily be imagined how a Jew-ridden judiciary may interpret the offence, and this move must be regarded as a fore-runner for similar legislation elsewhere possibly in Britain. ...

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