The Fascist - 103

Author : The Fascist
Title : 103
Year : 1937

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Summing up 1937, none of our readers can deny that we have a remarkable Government. So remarkable do its members feel themselves that, without consulting the electors, they have approved and accepted the raising of their salaries from £400 to £600 a year (to which must be added all the little perquisites such as Committee fees and free railway travel); and, further, they consider their positions so secure that they are debating among themselves as to how pensions can be guaranteed after a few years as Members of Parliament. The Government is remarkable in other ways, too. Elected as National, to represent the British people at home and in the Empire, its main attention has been directed toward guaranteeing assistance for Republican Spain by means—by way of a joke—of supposed "non-Intervention," and, latterly, to throwing aside the vital friendship of Japan because of financial interests in China; in so doing, Britain has been definitely tied up with communist France and bolshevist Russia, and the leading and most virile White powers, Germany and Italy have been placed among potential and perhaps probable enemies in a threatened war. ...

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