The FashCast anthology

Author : Ironmarch
Title : The FashCast anthology
Year : 2018

Link download :

Preface. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that the Atomwaffen Division has conspired to get the FashCast website taken down by our enemies, so it’s no longer available. A new one will be up soon, however. Fanatical in our pursuit, and methodical in our execution, FashCast is dedicated to giving members of the Struggle a place to read articles that pertain to the Worldview, and a podcast that serves as a guide on physically and spiritually fighting the kike system that enslaves us. We don't tolerate the Alt-Right, Satanists, mixed breeds, or anything less than Zero Tolerance. Our articles pertain to everything from the Worldview, fighting the system, and how to survive after the collapse of the System and our victory. The following is a compilation of all the articles on FashCast before it was taken down in May of 2018. ...

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