The Path of Wotan

Author : Jost
Title : The Path of Wotan Our Spiritual Heritage
Year : 1994

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The Path of Wotan, which is named for Wotan (Odin), the principal deity of the Germanie tribes in pre-christian northern Europe, is a revival of our Forefather's ancient science of rejuvenation and accelerated higher evolution by self-effort. The Path of Wotan stems from the last Golden Age of this earth, which ended long before recorded history (see the section on Evolutionary Cycles, page 27). In those enlightened times, our Forefathers were very highly evolved - even beyond the need for technology or instrumentation - and they understood the true nature of matter and spirit. However, our Forefathers of the Golden Age had foreseen the coming of the Dark Age, and so they encapsulated their wisdom in allegories which men of wisdom could interpret, but that the ignorant and intolerant would dismiss as harmless fantasies of primitives, and so would not destroy them as dangerous competition to their church authority. ...

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