The awakening of a National Socialist

Author : Ironmarch
Title : The awakening of a National Socialist
Year : 2017

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The Abyss. The storm came suddenly, and the whole world grew dark as the waves crashed around me, the darkened sky and the inky black ocean merging as one. I was at its mercy, helplessly thrashed around by the wild waters that used to seem so peaceful, betraying nothing of their true nature till that moment, when I dared to silently wonder what was hidden in the deep below. Now the vast depths were pulling me in, I could barely keep afloat - churning, crashing, engulfing, violent and unyielding, the currents sought to submerge me and let me sink into the infinite yawning abyss. My arms flailed desperately, hands blindly trying to grab at something, anything that might save me, yet could grasp nothing but more foaming, raging ocean that slipped through my fingers. My legs kicked furiously, feet seeking any support that would raise me above the waters, yet there was nothing but the devastating emptiness below. Finally, an enormous wave rose up like a mountain, and came crashing on as does a paw of a savage beast, and at last I was sinking down, the depths pulling at me with invisible tendrils. And I saw the abyss, I saw what I dared only wonder about, summoning the storm to answer my unspoken question. Boundless and desolate, more terrifying than a predator’s gaping maw bearing down at you just before you disappear within. It filled me with despair as I stared into it and saw an end of all things, and somewhere within that immense void I saw a glimpse of myself, and my end. However, that glimpse shot at me like a piercing ray of blinding light through the darkness, and the whole great, fathomless abyss shook in response. I could feel it let go of me and I was propelled away from its infinite reach, somewhere far away, though I knew not where, as my consciousness faded away, and the world was gone. ...

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