Thomas Gordon - Robert Maxwell, Israel’s superspy

Authors : Thomas Gordon - Dillon Martin_
Title : Robert Maxwell, Israel’s superspy The life and murder of a media mogul
Year : 2002

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Authors' Note. To the interviewees and secondary sources all we express gratitude; without their help our task would have been impossible. Many had not been questioned before but felt they could finally speak more freely because a decent interval had elapsed to tell the truth about a story before it is for ever lost to memory. Theirs, we believe, is the truth of honest recall. The interviews with our plime sources were spread over two years. They were spoken to in person, by telephone and through email. In all, the transcriptions of their interviews came to some 4,000 pages. All the questions attributed to our prime sources are from those interviews. There were other sources who asked for, and received, a guarantee of anonymity. They included those who are currently employed in Eastern Bloc intelligences services; they feared direct attribution could lead to retribution. That does not make their testimony less valid. ...

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