Thompkins Jason - From Satya to Kali

Author : Thompkins Jason
Title : From Satya to Kali (Hyperborea Submerged)
Year : 2012

Link download :

The Cyclic Veiw of Time and the Descent into Matter. HYPERBOREA SUBMERGED. The CYCLIC form of nature must be understood and grasped to anybody who wishes to even penetrate to the tiniest Mysteries that our Great Teachers have left to us in their words. Most of us in the West (Europe, USA, ETC) are brought up in a belief in a LINEAR form of time. This must be purged. Let us look at this so-called "Beautiful" natural world. We have Four Seasons that are in a constant circling. The Moon Cycles are circling. The Sun becomes Dawn, Noon, Evening, Night and then Dawn again and is Circling. The Planets are Circling around the Golden Sun. Womankind herself has a Menstrual Cycle that is CYCLIC. As children we were taught that we were born and that we will die and that we will either go to Heaven or Hell. Like a straight LINE, a LINEAR form of time. That God created the world and that he will destroy it. This LINEAR veiw of time must be wiped out completely before one can even conceive of moving up any esoteric ladder. ...

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