Thorn Victor - Frontman

Author : Thorn Victor
Title : Frontman Obama's darkest secrets revealed
Year : 2010

Link download :

Introduction. Barack Obama and the Covert Symbolism of Destruction. By VICTOR THORN. Anyone who has studied the true nature of political conspiracies realizes that none of us can truly comprehend what takes place behind the scenes in the Wizard of Oz realm of New World Order plotters. In this sense, one of themost effectivemethods of viewing these individuals is via the use of symbols. In other words, if “all the world’s a stage” and they are but actors in a grand illusion, then each player becomes a symbol of what is to be represented. In this sense, Barack Obama is an extremely dangerous symbol for our nation’s future. This book, culled from articles I wrote for AMERICAN FREE PRESS between 2008 and the latter part of 2009, is one of themost comprehensive examinations of President Obama ever compiled, and serves to illustrate the destructive path his handlers are leading us along. BarackObama has chosen and accepted his destiny, and along with it he’s dragging our country into a transformation thatwill forever alter our existence. Thisman strode into office on themantra of ‘change,’ and because GeorgeW. Bush & Company deliberately beat us down for eight years, the gullible and naïve embraced this change. But their hope is similar to blind faith, in that nothing substantive can ever be built on a weak, baseless foundation. ...

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