Thucydides - The Landmark Thucydides

Author : Thucydides
Title : The Landmark Thucydides A comprehensive guide to the Peloponnesian war
Year : *

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Introduction. I. Life. i."Thucydides, an Athenian, wrote the history of the war" is the first pronouncement of The Peloponnesian War (1.1.1). Unfortunately, the merest glimpses of our author's life follow this promising initial revelation of his name, nationality, and calling. Only at a very few unexpected places in his chronicle does Thucydides disclose somewhat more about himself. He announces, for example, that he once suffered from the great plague that struck Athens between 430 and 427 (2.48.3), the scourge that killed Pericles and thousands of his fellow Athenians (3 .87.3). ...

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