Van Rensburg Nicolaas - Voice of a prophet

Author : Van Rensburg Nicolaas
Title : Voice of a prophet
Year : l995

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Foreword by the English Translators. It has been a privilege to translate this very important book; a book with a clear message from a prophet of the Almighty God to his people, not only present in the Southern point of Africa, but also to the Western World. If one reads these visions of the Seer Nicolaas van Rensburg, one finds the Hand of Almighty God always present, surely guiding His people towards their destiny, according to His Will, through all the errors made by this stiff-necked people out of own choice. The time of this destiny is on the horizon and like the sun at dawn, only a faint light is visible, but as the sun rises over and above the horizon, its light suddenly becomes bright and clear. So also will the time of this destiny suddenly appear. The brightness thereof will be such, that it will consume their enemies like that of fire, forever to be destroyed. Jeremiah chapter 51:20: “Is tusa mo thau agus mo ghaisce cogaidh ina n-aonar ina bhfichidi augus ina mbeirt agus ina sivaite!” (Thou art my battle-axe and weapons of war, for with Thee will I break in pieces the Nations and with Thee will I destroy kingdoms). After the great struggle has ended, may we then voice the following to the Honour of our God “Wha hae wi God bled.” General information Purists will probably find much to criticize about while perusing this book, as the language therein is inclined to be rather archaic. However, rewriting it into modern English would change the whole character of the Seer Van Rensburg’s story. As the reader will learn, Seer was a simple, humble man who had no formal education, being able only to read his Bible with great difficulty. The manner in which he describes his visions may initially seem confusing, and sometimes may not even make sense to the average reader. However, as the story unfolds, the reader will become more familiar with his particular style. To facilitate understanding of the symbols which he used, a complete list will be found elsewhere in this book. The term ‘Kaffir/s’ has been retained wherever the Seer describes his visions in which blacks are featured. Should anyone feel offended by this, please understand that no offence is intended, but the term is in keeping with his style of expression and the period in which he lived. All Biblical quotations used in the text have been taken from the King James Version, except where specifically marked: ‘Good News Bible’. ...

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