Verlag Eckhart - Jewish domination of Weimar Germany

Authors : Verlag Eckhart - Dupont Francis
Title : Jewish domination of Weimar Germany 1919-1932
Year : 1933

Link download :

Introduction. by Dr. E. R. Fields. (Importante note : During the period studied here, 1919 to 1932, Jews made up only 1% of the population in Germany - yet they dominated business and politics. Today in America, Jews make up only 3% of population yet they dominate both business and politics !). The failure of the 1905 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia resulted in tens-of-thousands of Jews fleeing to Germany as they were the chief architects of that first attempt to overthrow the Czar. They filled the cities as the charts herein attest. Working in collusion with their co-racialists the Jews quickly dominated the professions. ...

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