Vizzutti Richard - Return of the stargods

Author : Vizzutti Richard
Title : Return of the stargods
Year : 2003

Link download :

Introduction. I write this book for the all the lonely Bible discerners out there such as myself. We discerners like digging up scriptures and investigating them from all angles. What we learn, we keep to ourselves. A good cop does not tell his wife or friends what he has discovered because it is too bizarre, too uncomfortable, and far too risky to tell others. So we learn in time to hold it all in and go on with are regular lives. Bible detectives learn things that change them forever. Things we never noticed in the past come to mind and suddenly make sense. There is evil all around as a great spiritual warfare rages on. You try to share with friends at church but they just don’t get it. They tell you to not be so negative and not be dwelling on such negative things. Focus on salvation and the love of Jesus they say. Then you go to your pastor and he gives you a warm smile to hide a blank expression in the eyes. You may end up going from church to church trying to find others that have studied the scriptures and have come to the same conclusions as you, but you find nobody. Bible studies that you attend are watered down and meaningless. You may come home from church meetings feeling frustrated and wondering what you learned, if anything. The life of a Bible discerner is a lonely life. You are labeled as paranoid, negative, and judgmental. Most Christians just don’t seem to care about learning all that God has for them. They are too wrapped up in the world. This book will not be error free. There may be misspelled words, typos, and misspelled names, mistakes in grammar, along with other mistakes. This book has not been put out with the luxury editors, large budget and a team of paid staff and researchers. I have written and produced this book on a shoe-string budget. Please note that all scripture here is quoted from the King James Version unless indicated otherwise. ...

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