Von Ribbentrop Joachim - Germany speaks by 21 leading members of Party and State

Author : Von Ribbentrop Joachim
Title : Germany speaks by 21 leading members of Party and State
Year : 1938

Link download : Von_Ribbentrop_Joachim_-_Germany_speaks_by_21_leading_members_of_Party_and_State.zip

"Germany is making every effort in reconciling the apparently conflicting social interests which threaten the integral unity of all nations, to give her people the happiness of a community held together in brotherly fashion; to assist those in poorer circumstances and to further all good and healthy instincts for the material and personal well-being of the people as a whole. "With the same spirit which governs our actions at home we wish to establish our relations abroad. "We believe that the tasks which Providence has set us all, if we are to dwell amicably side by side on this earth, must be solved in the same spirit; we wish, therefore, to co-operate sincerely and confidently with all Nations and all States who share these sentiments: and to put this our earnest striving into practice." THE FÜHRER AND CHANCELLOR OF THE REICH to the Diplomatic Corps. January 11th, 1938. PREFACE. THE Führer and Chancellor has repeatedly referred to the importance attaching to Anglo-German relations for the peaceful development of Europe. As Reich Minister for Foreign Affairs I look upon it as one of my duties to assist in every way possible any movement genuinely desirous of promoting understanding between these two great nations. Thus I welcome the following chapters in which competent authorities have endeavoured to bring those problems and ideas which actuate life in Germany closer to the understanding of the English. Reich Minister for Foreign Affairs. BERLIN, April 2nd, 1938. ...

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