Walendy Udo - Forged "War Crime" photos malign the German people !

Author : Walendy Udo
Title : Forged "War Crime" photos malign the German people !
Year : 1979

Link download : Walendy_Udo_-_Forged_War_Crime_photos_malign_the_German_people.zip

The following collection is composed of falsified pictures published after 1945. Only such pictures have been analysed which were printed in "Scientific" books as "Original Photographs" or "Photo documents". Falsified pictures from magazines, newspapers and unimportant brochu-res have particularly not been included. This combination of pictures does not deny that such or similar occurences did take place, but this is not the issue. These pictures are alleged to be documentation of accusations and as such they must be subject to investigation. There is a world of difference between what could have happened and what did happen. Scientists and official institutions who allege that falsified pictures are authentic evidence, not only make themselves suspect with regard to these pictures but with regard to all their statements. No one can therefore take their word for a single statement, document, picture or "photograph" which they present as "an actual exchange between document, picture and word." (Cover text in K.Zentner "Illustrated History of 2nd World War" (lllustrierte Geschichte des 2. Weltkrieges")) without previous detailed investigation. It is easy to falsify the historical thread by selection of text, pictures and documents. This is not necessarily downright fraud but is at least a "one-sided tendency" and "slanted or biased reporting". However someone who knowingly proffers true pictures with a false text or uses retouched, clipped, transposed drawn or otherwise altered photos and alleges that these are "authentic photographs" is guilty of fraud or forgery. The following text is exclusively taken up with such forgeries, but the question remains: Who forged them, who took them at face value and who obtained them with the deliberate intention of deception? This collection is in no way complete. It could be extended nearly unlimitedly. ...

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