Weeks Albert Loren - Stalin's other war

Author : Weeks Albert Loren
Title : Stalin's other war Soviet Grand Strategy, 1939-1941
Year : 2002

Link download : Weeks_Albert_Loren_-_Stalin_s_other_war.zip

Preface. The war is going on between two groups of capitalist states (the poor vs. the rich ones in terms of colonies, sources of raw materials, and so on) for a redivision of the world and for world domination! We’re not opposed to the idea of their fighting among themselves very well. Nor would it be bad if by the hands of Germany the position of the richest capitalist countries were shattered (in particular that of England). Hitler himself does not appreciate this fact nor does he wish to, but he is demolishing and undermining the capitalist system.... On our part we will maneuver while pitting one country against the other so that they can fight each other all the better. The nonaggression pact to a degree helps Germany. But in the next moment, it batters the other side. - J. V. Stalin. ...

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