Weir John - The plum cake

Author : Weir John
Title : The plum cake
Year : 2015

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Since the end of World War II a search has continued, and for many has ended with the quarry having eluded its hunters. Some believe what they seek never existed in physical form, but existed nonetheless. It is vitally important that it existed during the war though it has never been located by those chasing it ever since Germany’s defeat. Though no one has seen it, circumstances dictate that it must exist. The fabulous item assumed, but never seen, is the order to commence the extermination of Jews. The logic behind the assumption of a “Hitler order” is that since there was a Nazi program to exterminate Jews, it must have been ordered by someone; and the someone with authority to do it in Nazi Germany was Adolf Hitler. But no such order has ever been found. This being the case, the order must have either been destroyed or issued orally and never committed to paper. Or so the argument goes. ...

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