Whittlesey Charles - Ancient mining

Author : Whittlesey Charles
Title : Ancient mining on the shores of lake superior
Year : 1862

Link download : Whittlesey_Charles_-_Ancient_mining.zip

Preliminary remarks. The evidences of ancient mining operations within the mineral region of Lake Superior were first brought to pubUc notice in the winter of 1847-8. Although the Jesuit fathers frequently mention the existence of copper, and even use the term mines, it is clear, from the general tenor of their narratives, that they neither saw nor knew of any actual mining in the technical sense of that word. They annoimced as early as the year 1636 the presence of native copper, and refer to it as having been taken from the "mines." This was prior to the time when they had themselves visited the Great Lake, and their information was derived from Indians. At the same time they speak with equal certainty of mines of gold, rubies, and steel ; but it must be borne ia remembrance that the French word is not equivalent to our English mines, but may be more correctly rendered veins or deposits of metals or ores. ...

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