Zündel Ernst - The West, war and Islam

Author : Zündel Ernst
Title : The West, war and Islam
Year : 1998

Link download : Zundel_Ernst_-_The_West_war_and_Islam.zip

Introduction. April 9, 2001. In 1980 I wrote a four-page essay entitled The West, War and Islam. It was a thumbnail sketch of what ailed the world – and what forces kept people around the globe in ignorance and bondage. I mailed that essay to a special list of addresses sent to me by someone who had access to the highest echelons of business, government, military, intelligence and banking circles – from Morocco to Brunei. Every intelligence chief of every Moslem country, even princes, kings and prime ministers and their chiefs of staff, were on that priceless list. I sent Revisionist material to these names - in English, Arabic, German, and French, because I knew that most had been educated in elite military academies and the best universities in the world, especially in Europe and America. My appeal was very simple: To stop wasting resources and petrodollars on outdated Western military hardware – missiles, planes etc. – and to spend it instead on a massive worldwide information campaign centered around Revisionist findings, using the already then-existing revisionist network, publications and book publishers to reach out to the decent people in the West – to achieve liberation through information by peaceful, democratic means ! For what was feeding Israel was Western ignorance and subsequent complicity ! There was very, very little feedback from the Moslem Crescent. There was an amazingly furious reaction, however, from Zionists like Simon Wiesenthal and Sabina Citron, a Toronto-based Jewish multimillionairess. At her behest, I was criminally charged for publishing this essay, and after a 7-week trial, astonishingly – after all the nasty media hype against me – a jury of my peers found me "not guilty" of that charge. During my trial, my essay was dissected, analyzed, discussed – and I was cross-examined at length about it in court. The spectators sneered. The media were full of derision when I said I feared the outbreak of a war in the Middle East – and wanted to prevent it by a Disarming Campaign of Truth-Information ! The Jury seemed to believe me. My enemies went into overdrive to stop me – ever since ! They have hounded me for twenty years for pioneering that East-West Revisionist Axis that is finally coming about ! Even then, they feared that combination of Revisionism and Revisionists with the Arab struggle for self-liberation. The Zionists knew that those Western-trained university graduates, deftly put into leadership slots as soon as their education was finished, had their minds colonized by largely Jewish-Zionist-Marxist teachings ! They knew that these students left Europe and America with their minds being "occupied territory" – justlike the Gaza Strip and West Bank today ! Sadly, it took a generation and decades of needless suffering, war, revolutions, thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of wounded and tortured victims for a new crop of Arab-speaking political and intelligence analysts and intellectuals to realize «that Revisionism can be the magic key to unlock the gate to freedom from mental slavery !» That's what is reflected above ! Revisionism is a primordial force – a vital life force ! What is happening in Amman today will increasingly happen in other Arabspeaking capitals andcountries. The Force is with this new generation. The truth will out. Evolution and not revolution is the answer. With today's development, I believe with all my heart, the Sun is Rising in the East. EZ. ...

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