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Saturday, December 18 2021

Dumézil Georges - The destiny of a king

Author : Dumézil Georges Title : The destiny of a king Year : 1971 Link download : Dumezil_Georges_-_The_destiny_of_a_king.zip Originally published as part three of Mythe et épopée, vol. 2 : Types épiques indo-européens : un héros, un sorcier, un roi. ...  […]

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Wednesday, April 5 2017

Steiner Rudolf - Intuitive thinking as a spiritual path

Author : Steiner Rudolf Title : Intuitive thinking as a spiritual path A philosophy of freedom Year : 1995 Link download : Steiner_Rudolf_-_Intuitive_thinking_as_a_spiritual_path.zip Introduction. Gertrude Reif Hughes. Rudolf Steiner’s study of human freedom is really a study of human ways of  […]

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Friday, December 11 2015

Steiner Rudolf - On the play of the child

Author : Steiner Rudolf Title : On the play of the child Indications by Rudolf Steiner for Working with young children Year : 2004 Link download : Steiner_Rudolf_-_On_the_play_of_the_child.zip Preface. In anticipation of the International Teachers Conference that will be held at the Goetheanum in  […]

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Sunday, November 16 2014

Keith Arthur - A new theory of Human evolution

Author : Keith Arthur Title : A new theory of Human evolution Year : 1948 Link download : Keith_Arthur_-_A_new_theory_of_Human_evolution.zip Preface. Almost seventy-six years ago-on February 24, 1871, to be exact-Darwin published The Descent of Matt, and so laid the foundation of ourmodern  […]

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Sunday, March 31 2013

Coon Carleton Stevens - The Races of Europe

Author : Coon Carleton Stevens Title : The Races of Europe Year : 1939 Link download : Coon_Carleton_Stevens_-_The_Races_of_Europe.zip The present book is offered to the College audience as a text in a specific branch of physical anthropology. In it an attempt is made to trace the racial history of  […]

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Wednesday, December 26 2012

Lanz Adolf-Joseph - Theozoology

Author : Lanz Adolf-Joseph (Lanz von Liebenfels Jörg) Title : Theozoology, or the science of the sodomite apelings and the divine electron. An Introduction to the most ancient and most modern philosophy and a justification of the monarchy and the nobility. Year : 1905 Link download :  […]

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Wednesday, August 15 2012

Le Bon Gustave - The Study of Races and Present-day Anthropology

Author : Le Bon Gustave Title : The Study of Races and Present-day Anthropology Year : 1881 Link download : Le_Bon_Gustave_-_The_Study_of_Races_and_Present-day_Anthropology.zip Among the sciences that have drawn the most attention in recent years, one can certainly rank anthropology. Before the  […]

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