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Wednesday, November 13 2013

Gillett Ezra Hall - Ancient cities and empires

Author : Gillett Ezra Hall Title : Ancient cities and empires : their prophetic doom, read in the light of history and modern research Year : * Link download : Gillett_Ezra_Hall_-_Ancient_cities_and_empires.zip Preface. The object of this work is to present those prophecies of the Bible upon the  […]

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Breasted James Henry - Ancient times

Author : Breasted James Henry Title : Ancient times A history of the ancient early world An Introduction to the study of ancient history and the career of early man Year : 1916 Link download : Breasted_James_Henry_-_Ancient_times.zip Preface. It is now eighteen years since the publication of the  […]

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Monday, July 15 2013

Laessoe Jorgen - People of ancient Assyria

Author : Laessoe Jorgen Title : People of ancient Assyria Year : 1963 Link download : Laessoe_Jorgen_-_People_of_ancient_Assyria.zip AS Assyria merely a more brutal, more uncivilized and less interesting offshoot of the culture created by Sumerians and Babylonians in Southern Mesopotamia at the  […]

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Monday, July 8 2013

Mckenzie Donald A. - Myths of Babylonia and Assyria

Author : Mckenzie Donald A. Title : Myths of Babylonia and Assyria Year : 1915 Link download : Mckenzie_Donald_A_-_Myths_of_Babylonia_and_Assyria.zip This volume deals with the myths and legends of Babylonia and Assyria, and as these reflect the civilization in which they developed, a historical  […]

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Thursday, January 24 2013

Budge Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis - The Babylonian Legends of the Creation

Author : Budge Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Title : The babylonian legends of the creation and the fight between Bel and the Dragon As told by Assyrian tablets from Nineveh Year : 1921 Link download : Budge_Ernest_Alfred_Thompson_Wallis_-_The_babylonian_legends_of_the_creation.zip Discovery of the  […]

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Saturday, August 25 2012

Ragozin Zénaïde Alexeïevna - The story of Chaldea from the earliest times to the rise of Assyria

Author : Ragozin Zénaïde Alexeïevna Title : The story of Chaldea from the earliest times to the rise of Assyria The story of the nations Year : 1886 Link download : Ragozin_Zenaide_Alexeievna_-_The_story_of_Chaldea_from_the_earliest_times_to_the_rise_of_Assyria.zip In or about the year before  […]

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Tuesday, August 7 2012

Decourdemanche Jean-Adolphe - Wild life among the Koords

Author : Decourdemanche Jean-Adolphe (Millingen Frederick - Bey Osman Seifi - Andrejevich Vladimir - Kibrizli-Zadé) Title : Wild life among the Koords Year : 1870 Link download : Decourdemanche_Jean-Adolphe_-_Wild_life_among_the_Koords.zip A STRIKING proof of the power exerted over the human mind  […]

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