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Friday 22 January 2021

Akins Steven L. - The Lebor Feasa Runda

Author : Akins Steven L. Title : The Lebor Feasa Runda (Book of seceret knowledge) A druidic grammar of Celtic lore and magic Year : 2008 Link download : Akins_Steven_L_-_The_Lebor_Feasa_Runda.zip Preface. The following text, which I have here translated for the first time in English, was initially  […]

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Wednesday 6 May 2020

De Montréal Bernard - The genesis of reality

Author : De Montréal Bernard Title : The genesis of reality Year : 199* Link download : De_Montreal_Bernard_-_The_genesis_of_reality.zip Foreword. Supramental studies really began in 1969, when the light of the cosmic intelligence has descended to earth to objectively instruct man in the laws of  […]

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Wednesday 26 February 2020

Goodson Stephen - A history of central banking and the enslavement of mankind

Author : Goodson Stephen Mitford Title : A history of central banking and the enslavement of mankind Year : 2014 Link download : Goodson_Stephen_-_A_history_of_central_banking_and_the_enslavement_of_mankind.zip Foreword. This book is bound to be controversial and engender strong reactions, and I do  […]

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Greene Liz - Sasportas Howard - The development of the personality

Authors : Greene Liz - Sasportas Howard Title : The development of the personality Seminars in psychological astrology Volume 1 Year : 1987 Link download : Greene_Liz_-_Sasportas_Howard_-_The_development_of_the_personality.zip Introduction. There was a time, not so very long ago, when an  […]

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Monday 13 January 2020

Why are jews leading the Alt-Right and White Nationalist movements ?

Author : Christians for truth Title : Why are jews leading the Alt-Right and White Nationalist movements ? Year : 2019 Link download : Why_are_jews_leading_the_Alt-Right_and_White_Nationalist_movements.zip "The bestway to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." - Vladimir Lenin,  […]

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Saturday 4 January 2020

Wieland Hermann - Atlantis, Edda and Bible

Author : Wieland Hermann Title : Atlantis, Edda and Bible 200 000 years of germanic world culture and the secrets of the holy scriptures Year : 1925 Link download : Wieland_Hermann_-_Atlantis_Edda_and_Bible.zip Foreword to the 1st Edition : It was anticipated that Friedrich Döllinger's publication  […]

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Friday 13 December 2019

Hutton Ronald - Blood and mistletoe

Author : Hutton Ronald Title : Blood and mistletoe The history of the druids in Britain Year : 2009 Link download : Hutton_Ronald_-_Blood_and_mistletoe.zip Introduction. What’s in a name ? Where Druids are concerned, it seems, almost everything. It is very doubtful that anything like as much  […]

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Thursday 12 December 2019

Greer John Michael - The druidry handbook

Author : Greer John Michael Title : The druidry handbook Spiritual practice rooted in the living Earth Year : 2006 Link download : Greer_John_Michael_-_The_druidry_handbook.zip Foreword. A work of alchemy. When you die, only three things will remain of you, since you will abandon all material  […]

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Saturday 21 September 2019

Pennick Nigel - The celtic cross

Author : Pennick Nigel Title : The celtic cross An illustrated history and celebration Year : 1997 Link download : Pennick_Nigel_-_The_celtic_cross.zip Introduction. THE CELTS. The Celtic tradition is one of the most recognizable elements of contemporary European culture, and it is also one of the  […]

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Saturday 20 April 2019

Ashe Geoffrey - King Arthur In fact and legend

Author : Ashe Geoffrey Title : King Arthur In fact and legend Year : 1969 Link download : Ashe_Geoffrey_-_King_Arthur_In_fact_and_legend.zip How did the Arthurian legend begin, and in what forms have writers presented it over the ages ? Even more intriguing a question: Did King Arthur and his  […]

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