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Monday, October 5 2015

Andreas Joel - The incredible Rocky

Author : Andreas Joel Title : The incredible Rocky ... VS. the power of the people Featuring... America's richest family Year : 1975 Link download : Andreas_Joel_-_The_incredible_Rocky.zip ... everything in this book is true ! on page 46 you will find a list of basic resources. Only words in  […]

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Monday, August 11 2014

Bauer Elvira - Don't trust a fox on the greensward and never a jew on his given word !

Author : Bauer Elvira Title : Don't trust a fox on the greensward and never a jew on his given word ! A picture book for all ages Year : 1936 Link download : Bauer_Elvira_-_Don_t_trust_a_fox_on_the_greensward_and_never_a_jew_on_his_given_word.zip In memory of Julius Streicher. A martyred crusader  […]

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Friday, September 27 2013

Hergé - Tintin au pays des soviets

Auteur : Hergé (Remi Georges Prosper) Ouvrage : Les aventures de Tintin reporter du "Petit vingtième" au pays des soviets Année : 1930 Lien de téléchargement : Herge_-_Tintin_au_pays_des_soviets.zip Le "Petit XXe", toujours désireux de satisfaire ses lecteurs et de les tenir au  […]

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Sunday, December 23 2012

Lee Stan - DragonSlayer

Author : Lee Stan Title : DragonSlayer Year : 1981 Link download : Lee_Stan_-_DragonSlayer.zip They are dire, these visions which torment the old man, and seeing them he feels the conjuring chamber grow chill and heavy around them... Perhaps he wishes he lacked this terrible power - the power to  […]

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Friday, March 2 2012

Andreas Joel - Addicted to War

Author : Andreas Joel Title : Addicted to War Year : 2004 Link download : Andreas_Joel_-_Addicted_to_War.zip JOEL ANDREAS began following his parents to demonstrations against the Vietnam War wh ile in elementary school in Detroit. He has been a political activist ever since, working to promote  […]

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Goad Jim - Answer me ! The first Three

Author : Goad Jim Title : Answer me ! The first Three Year : 1991 Link download : Goad_Jim_-_Answer_me_The_first_Three.zip One end of the planet sits society. On the other end sits me. lt has always been this way. When I wake up in the morning, there's a dead world waiting For me. So I sleep until  […]

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Pierce William Luther - The Saga of... White Will !!

Author : Pierce William Luther Title : The Saga of... White Will !! New World Order comix #1 Year : 1993 Link download : Pierce_William_Luther_-_The_Saga_of_White_Will.zip monday morning in the metropolis high school parking lot... Help Shudd up honky ! White &#*-+ !! Look ! That kid's in  […]

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Tuesday, January 3 2012

Hoffman II Michael A. - Tales of the Holohoax

Author : Hoffman II Michael A. Title : Tales of the Holohoax A journal of satire "The extermination gas chambers did exist !" Year : 1989 Link download : Hoffman_II_Michael_A_-_Tales_of_the_Holohoax.zip Down through the ages God's holy people have miraculously experienced all kinds of  […]

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