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Monday 2 July 2018

Dugin Alexander - Eurasian mission

Author : Dugin Alexander Title : Eurasian mission An introduction to neo-eurasianism Year : 2014 Link download : Dugin_Alexander_-_Eurasian_mission.zip Editor’s Note. The following texts were selected by me in collaboration with Prof. Dugin from many different sources as giving an overview of the  […]

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Saturday 1 November 2014

Steiner Rudolf - Between death and rebirth

Author : Steiner Rudolf Title : Between death and rebirth Ten lectures given in Berlin between 5th november, 1912 and 1st april 1913 Year : 1913 Link download : Steiner_Rudolf_-_Between_death_and_rebirth.zip Synopsis. Lecture One, Berlin, 5th November, 1912. All the forces of the soul must be  […]

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Thursday 3 May 2012

Oliver Revilo Pendleton - By their fruits ye shall know them

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton Title : By their fruits ye shall know them Year : 1985 Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_By_their_fruits_ye_shall_know_them.zip I have just listened to a number of tape recordings made by the eminent Biblical scholar, John M. Allegro. Two of these tapes are  […]

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