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Sunday, January 2 2022

Breach Ebenezer - Twenty reasons against newtonianism

Author : Breach Ebenezer Title : Twenty reasons against newtonianism Year : 1898 Link download : Breach_Ebenezer_-_Twenty_reasons_against_newtonianism.zip With Twenty Geographical Proofs that Earth is an extended plane. By Ebenezer Breach, Natural Astronomer and Poet ( With Royal Patronage ).  […]

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Wednesday, February 20 2019

Lessing Garrett Gregory - The Flat Earth Trilogy book of secrets 1

Author : Lessing Garrett Gregory Title : The Flat Earth Trilogy book of secrets 1 Veritas Aequitas Year : 2018 Link download : Lessing_Garrett_Gregory_-_The_Flat_Earth_Trilogy_book_of_secrets_1.zip This is an Anthology. This book is an Anthology of my writings and others on the topic of Flat Earth  […]

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Wednesday, January 23 2019

Stanton III Guy S. - Flat Earth

Author : Stanton III Guy S. Title : Flat Earth A handbook meant to help those in pursuit of the Truth Evidence to consider if you dare to Year : 2018 Link download : Stanton_III_Guy_S_-_Flat_Earth.zip Dedicated to all the intrepid explorers before me who opened up the way for a late comer to grasp  […]

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Tuesday, November 6 2018

Dubay Eric - The Earth plane

Author : Dubay Eric Title : The Earth plane Year : 2018 Link download : Dubay_Eric_-_The_Earth_plane.zip When I was your age, growing up in the country, on clear Summer nights grandpa and I would lay on the grass watching the stars. My favorite was Polaris, the bright North Pole Star, positioned  […]

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Tuesday, March 6 2018

Skellam A. E. - The shape of the World

Author : Skellam A. E. Title : The shape of the World Year : 1893 Link download : Skellam_A_E_-_The_shape_of_the_World.zip On this subject there are two great schools of thought; one which teaches that the world is a globe of 25,000 miles circumference, rotating on its axis once in twentyfour hours  […]

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Sunday, December 17 2017

Reed William - The phantom of the poles

Author : Reed William Title : The phantom of the poles Year : 1906 Link download : Reed_William_-_The_phantom_of_the_poles.zip Introduction. This volume is not written to entertain those who read for amusement, but to establish and prove, so far as proof can be established and proved, a half-score  […]

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Saturday, November 25 2017

White Arthur Veitch - The shape of the Earth

Author : White Arthur Veitch Title : The shape of the Earth Year : 1909 Link download : White_Arthur_Veitch_-_The_shape_of_the_Earth.zip Some proofs for the spherical shape of the earth given in astronomical and geographical text-books examined, and shown to be unsound. ...  […]

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Friday, November 24 2017

Chart and compass, sextant and sun-dial, latitude and longitude, plumbline and pendulum, globe or plane ?

Author : The naval and mercantile marine of England and America The former styling herself "mistress of the seas" Title : Chart and compass, sextant and sun-dial, latitude and longitude, plumbline and pendulum, globe or plane ? Year : 1887 Link download :  […]

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Thursday, November 9 2017

Quinlan John Edward - The Earth a plane

Author : Quinlan John Edward Title : The Earth a plane Year : 1914 Link download : Quinlan_John_Edward_-_The_Earth_a_plane.zip It is an unquestionable fact that the earth is an extended plane with an irregular land surface, and not of spherical or globular shape with two flattened ends as  […]

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Edgell William - Does the Earth rotate ? No !

Author : Edgell William (Edgell William) Title : Does the Earth rotate ? No ! Year : 1927 Link download : Edgell_William_-_Does_the_Earth_rotate_No.zip Introduction. In compiling this book I have endeavoured to explain my theory of a stationary Earth and a travelling Sun, as a contradiction to the  […]

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