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Friday, July 15 2016

Dubay Eric - 200 preuves attestant que la Terre n’est pas une boule qui tourne

Auteur : Dubay Eric Ouvrage : 200 preuves attestant que la Terre n’est pas une boule qui tourne Année : 2015 Lien de téléchargement : Dubay_Eric_-_200_preuves_attestant_que_la_Terre_n_est_pas_une_boule_qui_tourne.zip L'horizon apparaît toujours parfaitement plat à 360 degrés autour de  […]

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Saturday, June 11 2016

Dubay Eric - The flat-earth conspiracy

Author : Dubay Eric Title : The flat-earth conspiracy Year : 2014 Link download : Dubay_Eric_-_The_flat-earth_conspiracy.zip The Globe Earth Lie. Wolves in sheep’s clothing have pulled the wool over our eyes. For almost 500 years, the masses have been thoroughly deceived by a cosmic fairy-tale of  […]

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Friday, May 20 2016

Dubay Eric - The Flat Earth Society is controlled opposition

Author : Dubay Eric Title : The Flat Earth Society is controlled opposition Year : 2015 Link download : Dubay_Eric_-_The_Flat_Earth_Society_is_controlled_opposition.zip The Flat Earth Society is a controlled opposition group that mixes truth with lies and satire to discredit genuine flat Earth  […]

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Monday, May 2 2016

Flat earth news - 1976-1994

Author : Flat earth news Title : 1976-1994 Year : 1976-1994 Link download : Flat_earth_news_-_1976-1994.zip Restoring the world to sanity. International Flat Earth Research Society. ...  […]

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Tuesday, April 12 2016

Wallace Irving - The square Pegs

Author : Wallace Irving Title : The square Pegs Some Americans who dared to be different Year : 1957 Link download : Wallace_Irving_-_The_square_Pegs.zip Contents. In Defense of the Square Peg... Wherein we meet Wilbur Glenn Voliva, who believed the earth was flat, and wherein we leam the need for  […]

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Smith Albert - The sea-earth globe

Author : Smith Albert Title : The sea-earth globe Year : 1918 Link download : Smith_Albert_-_The_sea-earth_globe.zip And its monstrous hypothetical astronomy. A tangle of ever-varying "scientific" fictions, contrary to the facts of nature, and opposed to the teaching of the holy  […]

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Monday, April 11 2016

Lardner Dionysius - The museum of science and art Volume 1

Author : Lardner Dionysius Title : The museum of science and art Volume 1 Year : 1854 Link download : Lardner_Dionysius_-_The_museum_of_science_and_art_Volume_1.zip The planets : are they inhabited worlds ? Chapter 1. Aspect of the firmament. Direct evidence on this question not obtained by the  […]

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Eschini E. - Foundations of many generations

Author : Eschini E. Title : Foundations of many generations Year : * Link download : Eschini_E_-_Foundations_of_many_generations.zip Scripture versus the Fable of the Revolving Earth. The Policy of Constantine and its Decline. How are the dead raised up, and with what body do they come ? To the  […]

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Carpenter William - Is the Newtonian astronomy true

Author : Carpenter William Title : Is the Newtonian astronomy true Year : * Link download : Carpenter_William_-_Is_the_Newtonian_astronomy_true.zip Glasgow, 15th May. Sir, - Your correspondent seems to think this a question entirely of flatness or convexity : whereas there are four sects of  […]

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Blount Elizabeth - Smith Albert - Zetetic astronomy

Authors : Blount Elizabeth - Smith Albert Title : Zetetic astronomy Year : 1904 Link download : Blount_Elizabeth_-_Smith_Albert_-_Zetetic_astronomy.zip Or the sun's motions north and south, with the moon's motions, fancied and real. Showing the uselessness of the gravitation theory, etc. ...  […]

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