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Sunday, January 6 2019

Littlejohn David - Foreign Legions of the Third Reich Volume 3

Author : Littlejohn David Title : Foreign Legions of the Third Reich Volume 3 : Albania, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Hungary and Yugoslavia Year : 1985 Link download : Littlejohn_David_-_Foreign_Legions_of_the_Third_Reich_Volume_3.zip Introduction. This third volume of ''Foreign Legions" deals  […]

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Monday, October 2 2017

Sanning Walter N. - The dissolution of Eastern European Jewry

Author : Sanning Walter N. Title : The dissolution of Eastern European Jewry Year : 2015 Link download : Sanning_Walter_N_-_The_dissolution_of_Eastern_European_Jewry.zip Before the Second World War, Eastern Europe was the demographic center of World Jewry. After the war, however, only a fraction of  […]

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Sunday, August 13 2017

Korda Michael - Journey to a revolution A personal memoir and history of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956

Author : Korda Michael Title : Journey to a revolution A personal memoir and history of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 Year : 2006 Link download : Korda_Michael_-_Journey_to_a_revolution_A_personal_memoir_and_history_of_the_Hungarian_Revolution_of_1956.zip Preface. Nothing presents more  […]

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Monday, December 14 2015

Bayer Zsolt - The white genocide speech

Author : Bayer Zsolt Title : The white genocide speech Year : 2015 Link download : Bayer_Zsolt_-_The_white_genocide_speech.zip Zsolt Bayer, Hungarian author, journalist, publicist, is one of the founders of Fidesz, the current ruling political party of Hungary of which Prime Minister Viktor Orbán  […]

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Wednesday, August 5 2015

Horthy Miklós - A life for Hungary

Author : Horthy Miklós Title : A life for Hungary Memoirs Year : 1957 Link download : Horthy_Miklos_-_A_life_for_Hungary.zip Foreword. by Andrew L. Simon, Professor Emeritus, The University of Akron It is a sure sign of respectability if one is routinely vilified for 80 years by the Communists and  […]

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Monday, July 14 2014

Steed Henry Wickham - A short history of Austria-Hungary and Poland

Author : Steed Henry Wickham Title : A short history of Austria-Hungary and Poland Year : 1914 Link download : Steed_Henry_Wickham_-_A_short_history_of_Austria-Hungary_and_Poland.zip Introduction. AUSTRIA-HUNGARY, or the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (Ger. Osterreichisch-ungarische Monarchie or  […]

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Friday, January 31 2014

Barnes Harry Elmer - Who started world war one ?

Author : Barnes Harry Elmer Title : Who started world war one ? An unbiased analysis of the causes and mitigating factors of World War One from the father of historical Revisionism Year : 2009 Link download : Barnes_Harry_Elmer_-_Who_started_world_war_one.zip Preface. Wars & the Decline of the  […]

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Wednesday, December 25 2013

A Phoenix journal - 124

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 124 Year : 1995 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_124.zip A WORD UP-FRONT. REC #1 HATONN. SAT., FEB. 11, 1995 10:05 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 179. SAT., FEB. 11, 1995. GETTING TO KNOW OUR PLAYERS. It was NEVER intended that we would do other than build credibility and  […]

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Wednesday, December 18 2013

Marschalko Louis - The world conquerors

Author : Marschalko Louis (Marschalko Lajos) Title : The world conquerors The real war criminals Year : 1958 Link download : Marschalko_Louis_-_The_world_conquerors.zip The Second World War was said to have been waged for "the rights of small nations," but the author, like countless other  […]

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Sturdza Michel - The suicide of Europe

Author : Sturdza Michel Title : The suicide of Europe Year : 1968 Link download : Sturdza_Michel_-_The_suicide_of_Europe.zip Introduction. But who dares call the child by its right name ? The few who knowing something about it Were foolish enough not to guard it in their hearts, Those who have  […]

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