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Wednesday, May 26 2021

Glauer Adam Alfred Rudolf - Secret practices of the sufi freemasons

Author : Glauer Adam Alfred Rudolf (Rudolf von Sebottendorff) Title : _Secret practices of the sufi freemasons The Islamic Teachings at the Heart of Alchemy Year : 1924 Link download : Glauer_Adam_Alfred_Rudolf_-_Secret_practices_of_the_sufi_freemasons.zip Introduction. You have before you a very  […]

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Wednesday, February 26 2020

Ishaq Ibn - The life of Muhammad

Author : Ishaq Ibn Title : The life of Muhammad Year : 1955 Link download : Ishaq_Ibn_-_The_life_of_Muhammad.zip Introduction. The author. Muhammad, son of Ishaq, son of Yasar, was born in Medina about A.H. 85 and died in Baghdad in 151. ...  […]

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Sunday, June 30 2019

Steyn Mark - Lights out

Author : Steyn Mark Title : Lights out Islam, free speech and the twilight of the West Year : 2009 Link download : Steyn_Mark_-_Lights_out.zip Authors's note. I would like to thank Kenneth Whyte, my publisher at Maclean’s, Canada’s biggest selling news weekly, and his colleagues at Rogers  […]

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Sunday, June 9 2019

Phillips Melanie - Londonistan

Author : Phillips Melanie Title : Londonistan Year : 2006 Link download : Phillips_Melanie_-_Londonistan.zip When London was hit by suicide bombers in July 2005, the dirty little secret inside the historic cradle of liberty was finally out. Notwithstanding the staunch resolve of Prime Minister Tony  […]

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Sunday, May 12 2019

Ohlig Karl-Heinz - The hidden origins of Islam

Author : Ohlig Karl-Heinz Title : The hidden origins of Islam New research into its early history Year : 2010 Link download : Ohlig_Karl-Heinz_-_The_hidden_origins_of_Islam.zip This volume of collected essays seeks to bring a bit of light into the hidden beginnings of a major world religion,  […]

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Friday, April 19 2019

Saint Clair Tisdall William - The original sources of the Qur'an

Author : Saint Clair Tisdall William Title : The original sources of the Qur'an Year : 1905 Link download : Saint_Clair_Tisdall_William_-_The_original_sources_of_the_Qur_an.zip Preface. The work which is now offered to the student of Comparative Religion is the result of many years' study of  […]

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Wednesday, March 20 2019

Bolton Kerry Raymond - Zionism Islam and the West

Author : Bolton Kerry Raymond Title : Zionism, Islam and the West Year : 2015 Link download : Bolton_Kerry_Raymond_-_Zionism_Islam_and_the_West.zip Preface. In international relations the clash of civilizations thesis seems to have replaced the ideological battle of the Cold War period. This thesis  […]

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Thursday, December 20 2018

Brownworth Lars - Lost to the West

Author : Brownworth Lars Title : Lost to the West The forgotten Byzantine Empire that rescued Western Civilization Year : 2009 Link download : Brownworth_Lars_-_Lost_to_the_West.zip Introduction. I first met Byzantium in a pleasant little salt marsh on the north shore of Long Island. I had paused  […]

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Monday, November 12 2018

French Bill - Factual persuasion

Author : French Bill (Warner Bill) Title : Factual persuasion Changing the minds of islam's supporters Year : 2011 Link download : French_Bill_-_Factual_persuasion.zip The confusion of islam. Chapter 1. Foreword. This is a how-to book about persuading people about the true nature of Islam. The  […]

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Sunday, October 28 2018

Fregosi Paul - Jihad in the West

Author : Fregosi Paul Title : Jihad in the West Muslim conquests from the 7th to the 21st centuries Year : 1998 Link download : Fregosi_Paul_-_Jihad_in_the_West.zip Glossary of useful Arabic and Turkish terms. AL-ANDALUS. The part of Spain under Muslim rule. Its frontier fluctuated with the  […]

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