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Sunday 24 February 2019

Tesla Nikola - Tesla said

Author : Tesla Nikola Title : Tesla said Year : 1984 Link download : Tesla_Nikola_-_Tesla_said.zip Introduction. The collection of articles and papers presented in this volume are in Nikola Tesla's own words; it is the most comprehensive single volume of Tesla's writings presently available. A  […]

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Sunday 9 September 2018

Amaudruz Gaston-Armand - Le peuple russe et la défense de la race blanche

Auteur : Amaudruz Gaston-Armand Ouvrage : Le peuple russe et la défense de la race blanche Année : 2000 Lien de téléchargement : Amaudruz_Gaston-Armand_-_Le_peuple_russe_et_la_defense_de_la_race_blanche.zip Acheter la version papier du livre - Amazon - The Book Patch Bien qu’il soit hasardeux de  […]

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Friday 4 August 2017

Craig Roy - UFOs An insider's view of the official quest for evidence

Author : Craig Roy Title : UFOs An insider's view of the official quest for evidence Year : 1995 Link download : Craig_Roy_-_UFOs_An_insider_s_view_of_the_official_quest_for_evidence.zip Preface. The United States Air Force had a problem. Its top brass did not consider it a defense or a national  […]

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Saturday 28 December 2013

A Phoenix journal - 198

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 198 Year : 1997 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_198.zip FOREWORD REC #1 HATONN. FRI., MAR. 14, 1997 7:32 A.M. YR.10, DAY 210. FRI., MAR. 14, 1997 THOUGHTS ON LIFE AND DEATH. There was a note to greet us this morning which read similarly to: “Foreword needed,  […]

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Wednesday 25 December 2013

A Phoenix journal - 111

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 111 Year : 1994 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_111.zip INTRODUCTION. INTRODUCTION OF GEORGE H. SEARES. by George H. Seares Oct. 14, 1994. I am going to take this opportunity as the “new kid on the block” to introduce myself. I am an investigative journalist  […]

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Sunday 15 September 2013

The liberty bell - 1989

Author : The liberty bell Title : The liberty bell Voice of America's new revolution Year : 1989 Link download : The_liberty_bell_-_1989.zip The martyrdom of Lybia by Jim Taylor foreign correspondent. The two messiahs by Nicholas Carter. A rational religion by Nicholas Carter. Typhus and the jews  […]

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