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Monday, October 2 2017

Sanning Walter N. - The dissolution of Eastern European Jewry

Author : Sanning Walter N. Title : The dissolution of Eastern European Jewry Year : 2015 Link download : Sanning_Walter_N_-_The_dissolution_of_Eastern_European_Jewry.zip Before the Second World War, Eastern Europe was the demographic center of World Jewry. After the war, however, only a fraction of  […]

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Friday, July 15 2016

Cooper Bill - After the flood

Author : Cooper Bill Title : After the flood The early post-flood history of Europe traced back to Noah Year : 1995 Link download : Cooper_Bill_-_After_the_flood.zip Introduction. In the Beginning. It is commonly thought in this present age that nothing is worthy of our belief unless first it can  […]

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Wednesday, May 11 2016

Vikernes Varg - Irminsûl

Author : Vikernes Varg Title : Irminsûl Year : 2002 Link download : Vikernes_Varg_-_Irminsul.zip These days, there is great uncertainty surrounding what Irminsûl really was, and what purpose this god-pillar served. We have learned that the Saxons worshipped Irminsûl as a god. We know that they  […]

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Vikernes Varg - Guide to the norse gods and their names

Author : Vikernes Varg Title : Guide to the norse gods and their names Year : 2001 Link download : Vikernes_Varg_-_Guide_to_the_norse_gods_and_their_names.zip Foreword. Originally this booklet was a result of correspondence between the VHF and the NHF. Since the list herein might be interesting to  […]

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Friday, December 25 2015

Seierstad Asne - One of us The story of Anders Breivik and the massacre in Norway

Author : Seierstad Asne Title : One of us The story of Anders Breivik and the massacre in Norway Year : 2014 Link download : Seierstad_Asne_-_One_of_us_The_story_of_Anders_Breivik_and_the_massacre_in_Norway.zip Author's Note. Everything in this book is based on testimony. All the scenes are  […]

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Wednesday, December 18 2013

Boyesen Hjalmar Hjorth - The story of Norway

Author : Boyesen Hjalmar Hjorth Title : The story of Nations The story of Norway Year : 1886 Link download : Boyesen_Hjalmar_Hjorth_-_The_story_of_Norway.zip Preface. IT has been my ambition for many years to write a history of Norway, chiefly because no such book, worthy of the name, exists in the  […]

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Monday, September 16 2013

Horn Frederick Winkel - History of the literature of the Scandinavian North

Author : Horn Frederick Winkel Title : History of the literature of the Scandinavian North From the most ancient times to the present Year : 1884 Link download : Horn_Frederick_Winkel_-_History_of_the_literature_of_the_Scandinavian_North.zip The Scandinavian nations constitute together a branch  […]

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Saturday, July 20 2013

Keyser Rudolph - The religion of the Northmen

Author : Keyser Rudolph Title : The religion of the Northmen Year : 1854 Link download : Keyser_Rudolph_-_The_religion_of_the_Northmen.zip Preface. The present work on the Religion of the Northmen is a translation of "Nordmændenes Religionsforfatning I hedendommen," by the learned  […]

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Monday, June 17 2013

Lönnrot Elias - The Kalevala

Author : Lönnrot Elias Title : The Kalevala The epic poem of Finland Year : 1888 Link download : Lonnrot_Elias_-_The_Kalevala.zip The following translation was undertaken from a desire to lay before the English-speaking people the full treasury of epical beauty, folklore, and mythology comprised in  […]

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Sunday, March 17 2013

Thorpe Benjamin - The Elder Eddas

Authors : Thorpe Benjamin - Blackwell I. A. Title : The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson and the Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson Year : 1906 Link download : Thorpe_Benjamin_-_The_Elder_Eddas.zip SAEMUND, son of Sigfus, the reputed collector of the poems bearing his name, which is sometimes also  […]

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