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Monday, December 10 2018

Juster Norton - The phantom tollbooth

Author : Juster Norton Title : The phantom tollbooth Year : 1961 Link download : Juster_Norton_-_The_phantom_tollbooth.zip Inside the mysterious package that Milo finds in his room is what looks like a genuine turnpike tollbooth. But Milo is in for an even bigger surprise when he drives his small  […]

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Thursday, November 22 2018

Slavros Alexander - The fall to madness

Author : Slavros Alexander Title : The fall to madness Year : 2016 Link download : Slavros_Alexander_-_The_fall_to_madness.zip Chapter 1. To whom it May Concern. Should you find yourself in possession of this journal, I ask of you that you do not linger at whatever place I will have chosen to hide  […]

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Saturday, February 24 2018

Priestley John Boynton - The grey ones

Author : Priestley John Boynton Title : The grey ones Year : 1953 Link download : Priestley_John_Boynton_-_The_grey_ones.zip 'And your occupation, Mr Patson?' Dr Smith asked, holding his beautiful fountain pen a few inches from the paper. 'I'm an exporter,' said Mr Patson, smiling almost happily.  […]

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Monday, September 11 2017

Boccaccio Giovanni - The Decameron

Author : Boccaccio Giovanni Title : The Decameron Year : 1349-1353 Link download : Boccaccio_Giovanni_-_The_Decameron.zip Introduction. One of the most famous opening lines in Western literature is surely that of Dante's Divine Comedy: Nel mezzo deL cammin di nostra vita. Dante records how, it in  […]

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Sunday, August 27 2017

Joshi Sunand Tryambak - I am providence

Author : Joshi Sunand Tryambak Title : I am providence The life and times of H. P. Lovecraft Year : 2013 Link download : Joshi_Sunand_Tryambak_-_I_am_providence.zip Preface. I don’t imagine that the publication of so large a biography of H. P. Lovecraft needs a defence today: his ascent into the  […]

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Friday, August 25 2017

Terry Patricia - Renard the Fox

Author : Terry Patricia Title : Renard the Fox The misadventures of an epic hero Year : 1983 Link download : Terry_Patricia_-_Renard_the_Fox.zip Introduction. By the middle of the thirteenth century in France, the common word for fox, goupil, had been replaced by the name of the fox whose  […]

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Monday, June 26 2017

Simpson James - Reynard the fox

Author : Simpson James Title : Reynard the fox A new translation Year : 2015 Link download : Simpson_James_-_Reynard_the_fox.zip Foreword. By Stephen greenblatt. I would like to pretend to more learning than I possess by claiming that I had long known and admired William Caxton's 1481 translation  […]

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Thursday, March 9 2017

Orwell George - Animal farm 50th anniversary edition

Author : Orwell George (Blair Eric Arthur) Title : Animal farm 50th anniversary edition Year : 1995 Link download : Orwell_George_-_Animal_farm_50th_anniversary_edition.zip Since its publication fifty years ago, Animal Farm has become one of the most controversial books ever written. It has been  […]

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Monday, March 6 2017

Rimland Ingrid - Lebensraum Book 1

Author : Rimland Ingrid Title : Lebensraum Book 1 A passion for land and peace Year : 1998 Link download : Rimland_Ingrid_-_Lebensraum_Book_1.zip I dedicate this saga to the maligned heroes and the forgotten victims of several fratricidal wars in our century - men and women, brave beyond belief,  […]

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Rimland Ingrid - Lebensraum Book 2

Author : Rimland Ingrid Title : Lebensraum Book 2 The theft of land and peace Year : 1998 Link download : Rimland_Ingrid_-_Lebensraum_Book_2.zip I dedicate this saga to the maligned heroes and the forgotten victims of several fratricidal wars in our century - men and women, brave beyond belief, who  […]

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