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Saturday, November 15 2014

Isherwood H. B. - Racial contours

Author : Isherwood H. B. Title : Racial contours The factor of race in Human survival Year : 1965 Link download : Isherwood_H_B_-_Racial_contours.zip Introduction. "He (mankind) has given rise to many races, some of which differ so much from each other that they have often been ranked by  […]

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Monday, April 8 2013

Nott Josiah Clark - Indigenous Races of the Earth

Author : Nott Josiah Clark Title : Indigenous Races of the Earth Year : 1868 Link download : Nott_Josiah_Clark_-_Indigenous_Races_of_the_Earth.zip Or, New Chapters of Ethnological Inquiry; Including Monographs on Special Departments of philology, iconography, cranioscopy, palaeontology, pathology,  […]

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Tuesday, January 17 2012

Levinson David - Encyclopedia of World Cultures Vol 2 - Oceania

Author : Levinson David - Hays Terence E. Title : Encyclopedia of World Cultures Vol 2 - Oceania Year : 1991 Link download : Levinson_David_-_Encyclopedia_of_World_Cultures_Vol_2.zip If you turn a globe just so, all you can see is the Pacific Ocean, the earth's largest geographic feature. Its  […]

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