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Monday, June 10 2013

Kaldenberg Wyatt - Pagan Revival 041

Author : Kaldenberg Wyatt Title : Pagan Revival 041 Year : 19* Link download : Kaldenberg_Wyatt_-_Pagan_Revival_041.zip ADL Uses Dirty Tricks Against Jews for Jesus. Pagan Music Review. C.I.A. Handbook on Revolution. Viking Hero May Have Had Bone Disease. Zoroastrian Influence on Judiasm. Mithra  […]

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Sunday, June 9 2013

McNallen Stephen A. - What is Asatru ?

Author : McNallen Stephen A. (The Asatru Free Assembly) Title : What is Asatru ? Year : 1985 Link download : McNallen_Stephen_A_-_What_is_Asatru.zip This booklet was written to provide answers to the questions likely to be asked by anyone just starting to investigate Asatru. Thus, you'll find few  […]

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Tuesday, June 4 2013

Odinism The way of the true warrior

Author : Anonymous Title : Odinism The way of the true warrior Year : * Link download : Odinism_The_way_of_the_true_warrior.zip This was not written for the masses. The vast majority of people these days don't read anyway; and it has been correctly stated that "those who won't read have no  […]

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Sunday, March 31 2013

Christensen Else - The Odinist 093

Author : Christensen Else Title : The Odinist 093 Calendar Research Year : 1985 Link download : Christensen_Else_-_The_Odinist_093.zip Diodorus (1st century BCI ) says that at one time in the remote past, the Egyptians had 'years' consisting of one month; another ancient writer, Censorinus, says  […]

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Christensen Else - The Odinist 004

Author : Christensen Else Title : The Odinist 004 Not just survival Year : 1972 Link download : Christensen_Else_-_The_Odinist_004.zip The pollution of air ann soil which is the result of our tremendous technological advance is of course a matter of great concern. The real calamity however is not  […]

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Christensen Else - An Introduction to Odinism

Author : Christensen Else Title : An Introduction to Odinism Year : 1980 Link download : Christensen_Else_-_An_Introduction_to_Odinism.zip To grasp the essentials of Odinism and its role as the spiritual guidance for our folk, it is advisable first to consider the development of our society and the  […]

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Sunday, December 16 2012

The Path of Wotan

Author : Jost Title : The Path of Wotan Our Spiritual Heritage Year : 1994 Link download : The_Path_of_Wotan.zip The Path of Wotan, which is named for Wotan (Odin), the principal deity of the Germanie tribes in pre-christian northern Europe, is a revival of our Forefather's ancient science of  […]

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McNallen Stephen A. - The lessons of Asgard

Author : McNallen Stephen A. (The Asatru Free Assembly) Title : The lessons of Asgard Year : 1985 Link download : McNallen_Stephen_A_-_The_lessons_of_Asgard.zip This collection of essays appeared over a span of almost two years in "The Runestone". Dealing as it does with the lessons to be  […]

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An Odinist anthology Selections from the Runestone

Author : The Asatru Free Assembly Title : An Odinist anthology Selections from the Runestone Year : 1983 Link download : An_Odinist_anthology_Selections_from_the_Runestone.zip This anthology represents some of the contents of THE RUNESTONE over a span of more than ten Years, from issue number two  […]

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Monday, June 4 2012

Slauson Irv - The Religion of Odin

Author : Slauson Irv Title : The Religion of Odin Year : 1978 Link download : Slauson_Irv_-_The_Religion_of_Odin.zip Wounded I hung on a wind-rocked tree for nine cold nights. Transfixed by a spear, pledged to Odin. Offered, myself to myself on that tree, of which no one knows from whence it is  […]

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